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Essential Oils | The Ones I Use Daily!

Essential Oils | The Ones I Use Daily!

Essential oils have really been so popular and hit the internet big time after so many beauty gurus, skin care gals, and basically everyone under the sun who has been talking about them and all the benefits it comes with! I personally LOVE essential oils and they truly do their work for me and I even got my boyfriend on a couple of them and as much as I know he would never admit it, I think he loves them too. I do get anxiety often and my stress level can go through the roof. These essential oils take care of that so well. But, it does not only take care of those aspects, theres one that even helps you wake up in the morning! Because if your like me, waking up in the morning is like telling me to go do the impossible. Best part, I have used a few oils and I'm sharing ones that you can get in packs at your local grocery store or online and for an inexpensive price! Win-Win for me and for you! 

What I Use/ Reccommend:

What They Do:

  1. Eucalyptus has antiseptic qualities that is used for healing.

  2. Tea Tree has been used to help with skin ailments to fight foot odors.

  3. Rosemary helps to boost mental activity.

  4. Sweet Orange helps eliminate cigarette smoke and other bad odors.

  5. Peppermint has cooling calming benefits. It can be use for nausea, stomach issues, and calms overworked muscles.

  6. Lavender is known for its relaxing benefits and is highly regarded for the skin.

How I Use Them:

  • I use my Lavender oil everyday. It helps with anxiety and relaxation. I personally put a couple of drops on my pillow case before I go to sleep and it relaxes me soooo much before getting my nights rest and it puts me right to sleep.
  • My Tea Tree oil is used on top of my brand new uninvited pimples. It really is the best and most natural way to make those horrible things disappear! Although it doesn't make them disappear in a matter of a day, but it does much more quickly than anything else I have tried.
  • The Rosemary oil is used in my bubble baths almost everyday. It helps with relaxation and depression. I sprinkle a couple drops along with lavender epson salt. Its where I do my meditation and these two combined is HEAVEN. 
  • Peppermint oil is sprinkled into my moisturizer every morning to really wake me up and it does! It reduces tiredness and laziness. I only recommend only ONE drop being that it is very strong. It is tingly for those of you who are afraid or do not like it, it does react that way but only for a couple of minutes. Or if you really can't stand that, putting it into a diffuser will do the trick or even just breathing it in even does the trick too!
  • Eucalyptus is best use for a fever, if you apply it to your temples and forehead or on a cool cloth, it helps with fevers big times.
  • Sweet Orange I use exactly what its supposed to me used for and that an air freshener. You sprinkle a couple of drops in your trash can or diffuser and girl. It does the job. Mainly like this scent in the bathroom.

Disclaimer- It does have an extremely strong scent for the first 5 minutes but it does then go away. Don't freak out! It tones down after a while. 

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